Easy Forklift Financing!

The Greer FD knows that it is in their best interest to promote a good relationship between the department and local businesses. In an attempt to do so the department has built a relationship with the local forklift dealers. In this arrangement the department will provide financial backing to the dealers and the dealers will provide the heavy equipment for the department to use if it is needed. This arrangement is mutually beneficial.

The dealers will benefit because the funds will help to cover any gaps in finances that would occur if forklift sales or rentals slow down. This stability will help to keep many small businesses stable and contributing to the local economy. The department chose to support the forklift dealers because there is a smaller need for these products when compared to the other products. This smaller demand means that they are even more susceptible to the recession than other industries would be.

Access to the equipment is also helpful for the department as well. The fire fighters are able to be trained in other useful skills that they will be able to use once they have retired from the department. These skills will provide them job security outside of the fire department. Beyond the skills gained the fire fighters are also able to use the forklifts around the fire house to keep their supplies organized and out of their way when an alarm sounds. The more organized the firehouse is the easier it is for the firefighters to respond to any emergency.

A relationship like this can only benefit the community. Local business owners are kept in business and able to contribute to the economy and the firefighters are able to respond quicker. Also these brave men and women receive training for their careers after they retire from fighting fires.